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Working with a wide range of OEM customers across multiple industries, YUSA prides themselves in their ability to design and develop products that exceed customer expectations from prototype to mass production level. YUSA R&D has the capability and resources to successfully design, prototype, and test/validate all locally in its Ohio facility.

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YUSA’s commitment to quality and detail.

YUSA Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

YUSA’s commitment to quality and detail starts at the very initial stages of design and development. The R&D group’s access
to a multitude of on-site validation equipment allows for creation of a strong foundation in which to build and validate your design.

  • 3D Scanner
  • CMM
  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Micrometer
  • Multiple Static Stiffness Test Machines
  • Many Durability Test Machines
  • Dynamic Stiffness Test Machine
  • Frequency Test Machines
  • 3-axis Test Bed
  • CNC Machining Equipment
  • Heat Aging Equipment
  • Hot/Cold Testing Capability
  • And More


YUSA’s commitment in meeting the right stiffness level for any frequency and environment.

YUSA Characteristic Testing Graph

Characteristic Testing

A comprehensive knowledge across a range of engineering disciplines is required when designing or predicting performance for any rubber part. YUSA’s R&D has many years of experience available to help any customer acquire and validate a design
that most efficiently and effectively satisfies their requirements.

  • MTS and Instron Tensile (Stiffness) Test Machines
  • Rotational Stiffness Test Machine
  • Dynamic Stiffness Test Machine (0 to 600Hz Capability)
  • Natural Frequency Test Machine (Shaker)
  • Rubber Testing Equipment

YUSA has various durability machines on site.

YUSA Durability Machines

Performance Testing

With a multitude of test machines available on site, each product developed at YUSA’s R&D can be thoroughly evaluated for performance or durability requirements. Parts can be tested under temperature controlled conditions, with various dynamic inputs, and with available outputs for analysis.

YUSA’s multi-directional test bed simulates the motion seen in the products final application.

YUSA Multi-Directional Testing

Custom Testing Configurations

With the availability of customizable testing configurations, YUSA R&D has the capability to test from the most simple products in a single axis to even a complete quarter suspension module with three axis inputs. YUSA R&D is prepared and ready to be challenged with even the most rigorous of engineering specifications.

  • Additional Testing Systems Available:
  • Multi-Axis Test System
  • Impact Testing
  • LMS Data Acquisition System
  • Component Compliance Measurement Systems

YUSA has the ability to produce both small and large batches of rubber.

YUSA Rubber Mill

Rubber Mixing

Numerous rubber compounds with varying specific qualities are available even at the earliest design stages. Equipment available on site allows YUSA R&D to procure a rubber compound to use to make products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Example Rubber Compound Variations:

  • Rubber Compound Variations:
  • Very Low to Very High Damping
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • High Durability Performance
  • Range of Electrical Resistivity
  • Self-Lubricating
  • EPDM

YUSA’s CNC Lathe allows for quick turnaround on adjustability and tuning.


Quick Turn Prototyping and Modification

With the availability of CNC machining equipment, YUSA R&D can very quickly make low quantity customer tuning requests available for trial. YUSA successfully combines the resourcefulness, focus, and personal customer relations of a small company with the pricing, control, and quality of a large and prosperous corporation.

Additional equipment available:

  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Mill
  • Heat Age Ovens
  • Sectioning/Cutoff Saw
  • Vehicle Lift
  • A multitude of Other Cutting and Grinding Tools

YUSA’s centerless grind allows for improved surface finishes and tolerances.

Post-Processing Operations

When post processing is required to achieve dimensional precision, part characteristics, and surface roughness
requirements, YUSA R&D is prepared with production style equipment installed within the facility.

Additional equipment:

  • Centerless Grind
  • Swage/Shrink Machines and tooling
  • Dimpler
  • Wetblast Machine
  • Dry Media Blaster
  • CNC Lathe/Mill

YUSA’s rubber prototyping molds.

YUSA Prototype Molds

Prototype Molds

Locally sourced tooling allows YUSA R&D more control and improved communication with suppliers and customers. Tooling includes making the individual components, replaceable mold cavities, the rubber molds themselves, dies for post-processing, and fixtures for testing and dimensional verification.

YUSA’s prototype rubber molding press heats up the rubber in the mold for optimal hardness.

Women working at the Prototype Molding Press

Prototype Rubber Molding Press

In order to obtain the highest quality parts most efficiently, the vulcanization parameters should be controlled precisely. YUSA R&D has the expertise in setting and maintaining those parameters to be used in prototype and into production. Variables such as injection speed, temperatures, cure time, etc are all part of the initial tuning of parts in order to achieve and sustain the customer’s requirements.

YUSA simulation output and CAD data analysis.

Man working on CAD data analysis


A critical part of the development process involves performance prediction techniques utilizing YUSA R&D’s FEA simulation tools. YUSA engineers regularly evaluate 3D models using tools including CATIA, ABAQUS, and Endurica in order to output useful information such as theoretical stress and strain, fatigue analysis, and static characteristic predictions.

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