Suspension Bushings


Suspension Bushings

In order to achieve the best performance and provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience for all passengers, you need YUSA suspension bushing products.

Given the multitude of parts that are constantly in motion with varying inputs, flexible joints are an essential part of any vehicle. Satisfying those specific customer driven parameters, maintaining cost competitiveness, and ensuring safety through durable design, validation testing, and high quality standards is what YUSA sets as our priorities. Call upon YUSA’s vast knowledge and experience, our significant and locally accessible capabilities, and our attention to detail and communication in order to resolve any bushing requirement.

Types of Bushings:

  • Conventional bushing (double or triple bonded)
  • Hydraulic (hydro) bushings
  • Outerless bushings (single bonded inner collar)
  • Post-vulcanization bonded bushings (PV bonded)
  • Unbonded bushings (rubber only)
  • Steering rack mounting bushings
  • Etc


  • Conventional bushings
  • Hydraulic (Hydro) bushings

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Suspension Bushings

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