Hoses and Tubes


Hoses & Tubes

YUSA works hand-in-hand with our customers to help them consider material, performance, and manufacturability of their hose or tube design.

From cooling, fuel, oil and air systems, YUSA is able to provide high quality hose and tubes according to material and performance specifications for the vehicle. As the need for automobiles changes with time, YUSA rises to the challenge to research, develop, produce and manufacture a variety of materials to implement in our products. Materials are selected according to the purpose, operating environment and cost for each hose or tube. Rubber classifications for hoses and tubes include, temperature (hot/cold), fuel and mineral resistance as well as weatherability. 

YUSA tests the product material, performance and dimensional specifications. Any additional assembly to the hose or tube such as clips, sleeves, protectors, and joints, YUSA would be happy to assemble and deliver.

Types of Hoses and Tubes:
  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Vacuum
Hose and Tube Application Examples:
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission
  • Deferential
  • Intercooler
  • Vent/ Purge
  • Canister Drain
  • Radiator
  • PCV
  • Water
  • Heater
  • R/C
  • Reserve Tank

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