Production Capabilities



YUSA’s production facility manufactures a wide variety of rubber and plastic products across several industries. YUSA specializes in anti-vibration rubber parts such as engine/motor mounts, hydro-type rubber vibration insulators, suspension bushings, and dynamic dampers. Other molded parts include head cover washers, stabilizer bushings, grommets, spring seats, rubber bumpers, heat shields, and others. YUSA can also assist with producing extruded hoses and tubes for oil, air, fuel, and cooling systems.


By utilizing YUSA’s rubber and plastic molding and bonding manufacturing expertise, our customers know that their projects are being made efficiently, expertly, and to the highest quality standards. YUSA has the capability to produce most any rubber product for any customer.

Each part is loaded with and assembled with automated equipment to ensure quality are required to produce the most dependable hydro-bushings.

YUSA Worker working at the Assembly/ Pack Station

YUSA can not only provide simple molded and bonded parts to the customer but can also supply assemblies of more complicated units. At each assembly and pack station, operators are trained to handle machine equipment and provided with thorough work and quality standards to properly and efficiently assemble components, inspect the final product, and pack into containers for final destination.

High precision equipment and an intense focus on quality are required to produce the most dependable hydro-bushings.

YUSA Hydro-bushing Assembly Line

Highly automated assembly lines allow for precision and quality in creation of hydraulically damped bushings (hydro-bushings). These assembly lines are inspected and calibrated daily to ensure the final products consistently meet the customer’s dimensional and performance specifications.

Complex and concise processes translate translate to high efficiency and quality. 

YUSA YUSA Hydro-Mount Assembly Line

Some parts manufactured at YUSA can be very sensitive to atmospheric conditions and airborne debris during the assembly process. “Clean rooms” are designated for these assembly processes to ensure no contamination and high level quality. These state of the art lines utilize robotic arms to assemble components, fill with glycol, and provide 100% inspection on customer driven key control points.

YUSA plastic/resin molding can help achieve your reduced weight with improved strength requirements.

Reducing weight remains a very high priority for YUSA and our customers, particularly in the automotive market. YUSA has embraced this direction with the implementation of plastic/resin injection machines. This allows YUSA to assemble to or inject and bond rubber to a resin material that is vastly more efficient that steel or even aluminum. YUSA uses this technology for many parts including engine and transmission mounts. YUSA’s design team and engineers enjoy the challenges of finding solutions that work for each customer.

Rubber testing is completed to ensure material and characteristic requirements are met.

YUSA Rubber Lab

Using state of the art equipment, each batch of rubber gets tested to ensure material quality and characteristics prior to part production. The quality of our rubber is closely monitored throughout the prototype stages and during actual production.

YUSA maintains a diverse list of available rubber recipes that can get mixed/milled on-site prior to molding.

Yusa Raw Rubber

YUSA and its subsidiaries are often in search of or in the process of developing new compounds that satisfy a new requirement or improve an existing one. YUSA’s repertoire of available compounds includes those that have particularly high or low damping qualities, especially high resistance to heat exposure, self-lubricating qualities, high durability performance, etc. All rubber batches are mixed in-house with very specific, closely controlled recipes. These capabilities and adaptability is what makes YUSA a leader in the rubber industry.

YUSA’s maintains an extensive and diverse inventory of molding equipment.

Rubber Molding Press

YUSA produces hundreds of different part shapes every day. Many 500cc and 1000cc presses are available, and expansion is always able to be accommodated. In addition to the typical injection presses, YUSA has access to compression molding presses, dual injection presses (two types of rubber get molded simultaneously), plastic/resin injection presses, and access to rubber extrusion equipment. No matter what the customer requirement might be, YUSA is likely to be able to produce it.

YUSA employs a variety of measuring techniques with specialized equipment to ensure our products meet or exceed the dimensional and performance requirements for each of our customers.

YUSA quality assurance lab

A vast array of measurement equipment is available from our Quality Assurance team. Quality is very important to YUSA, and we are stocked with equipment to be able to evaluate output from heat aging, corrosion testing, destructive testing, material resistance testing, fatigue testing, properties of coatings, harmonics, static and dynamic characteristic testing, and various forms of metrology (both contact and non-contact).

Extensive warehouse space available where incoming and outgoing products are strategically controlled in order to meet our customers’ delivery expectations.

YUSA Warehouse

YUSA utilizes the first in first out inventory management system in order to ensure that goods purchased or produced first are the first to be used or sold. 

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