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Yusa Culture

  • Safety

    Health and Safety is a shared responsibility at YUSA and our number one priority. Think safety and work safely at all time.

  • Quality

    Quality is important in all aspects of our shared experience at YUSA. Our customers expect nothing less than the best in the products and services we provide and we should expect nothing less that the best of ourselves through each and every one of our daily efforts. Each Associate is encouraged to incorporate and practice a sense of quality in their personal lives and are expected to constantly pursue the best in Product, Production Method and Performance in our efforts to serve our customers.

  • Courtesy

    “Respect for the Individual” is a fundamental philosophy at YUSA. Associates are encouraged to be aware and sensitive to the needs of fellow Associates, business directives and customer requirements.

  • Involvement

    It has always been the belief of YUSA that the human potential is limitless, and that Associates, when given the opportunity, can contribute new ideas and offer suggestions on better ways of doing things. YUSA encourages Associates to become involved by participating in continuous improvement efforts directed at better serving our customer needs.

  • Cleanliness

    Maintaining a clean and orderly work environment is a direct reflection of the pride and care we take in our work. Associates are expected to practice good housekeeping skills in their immediate work areas and when using facilities which are commonly shared by all Associates.

  • Quality of Environment

    Environmentally, YUSA’s continued commitment to ISO 14001 places it among industry leaders. Recycling activities, control of emissions (i.e. air and water) below permissible limits, energy consumption and reduction, and a commitment to the prevention of pollution play a role in a sustainable future. Associates are expected to be conscientious of these concerns and share in our commitment of protecting our environment.

  • Image

    YUSA recognized the importance of its image in the community at large. As people hear the name YUSA, they should be reminded of an image which projects the degree of our commitment to the care we take in servicing the needs of those who place their confidence in us.

  • Reporting/Accountability

    Every aspect of our operation, from Associate safety to insuring complete and total customer satisfaction, is dependent upon our ability to receive and respond to clear, concise and accurate information. Associates are expected to be mindful of critical information, which directly impacts our shared environment and be accountable for the accurate and timely reporting of their observations to the appropriate responsible party.

  • Cost Conscience

    Global competition requires that every effort be made to develop and employ strategies that will continue to secure our position in a world class market. Increased sensitivity to “global pricing” will dictate the need for a collective effort among all Associates to constantly pursue means to improve performance and reduce costs at all levels throughout the organization.

  • Confidentiality

    Throughout the course of your service with YUSA you may be entrusted with confidential information, such as product design, financial data and or personal information pertaining to YUSA Associates. The release of information beyond the scope of “need to know” responsibility and/or non-YUSA Associates is strictly forbidden.

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